You kindly invited to visit Šeduvos windmill, which has a long history. It dates back to 1905, when the construction of the windmill started. As if under a spell, the windmill had been set on fire before the construction works were finished. The windmill was almost lost as a result of severe damages during war periods. However, it was never forgotten. The windmill became a place of attraction in a Soviet period (1967) and attracted as many people as the Church on the feast day. Šeduvos windmill had been neglected and abandoned for several years until it was revived in 2000. Not only the body, but also the soul will find rest and repose in the surroundings of the windmill. There you will find many motifs that are related to 7, i.e. a mystical and magic number that brings luck. Therefore, we hope that all our guests will become more happy and lucky after their visit to the Šeduvos windmill.





          There is a wonderful café in Šeduvos windmill. Those who want to observe and enjoy the nature may have their meals in a summerhouse.



          The windmill is a perfect place for those who want to rest after daily works, escape from routine and the city, or just to have a good time with friends. Our guests may stay in a comfortable, cosy and romantic hotel (24 rooms). Russian bath is also at your disposal to have a good rest, to clean and revive your body. A modern pool with waterfalls will provide you with many pleasant moments.


          We offer all these pleasures in one place. Visit Šeduvos windmill and enjoy all those pleasures yourself.